Welcome to Biometrix Labs. We specialise in the area of functional medicine and well-being laboratory testing, identifying the underline cause of illnesses and providing tools for the prevention of disease and premature ageing throughout South Africa.

Our range of tests include:

  • GI-MAP™ (DNA Stool Analysis, Gastrointestinal Health),
  • Organic Acid Testing (Comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a person’s overall health),
  • HuMAP™ (Advanced Hormone Testing),
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis [HTMA] Testing (Intracellular mineral levels, ratios & heavy metal toxicity),
  • Amino acid Testing, (Building blocks of proteins, compounds that play many critical roles in the human body),
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (Information you need to tailor your diet),
  • Telomere Length Testing Testing (Biological, cellular age vs. Chronological age),
  • Mold Toxicity Testing (Very prevalent and under diagnosed condition that can manifest in many different ways),
  • Genetic Testing,

Our partner laboratories: “Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory”, “Mosaic Diagnostics”, “Analytical Research Labs Inc.”, “Doctor’s Data”, “North-West University (Centre for Human Metabolomics)”, “TruDiagnostics”.

How it works

1) Order your test online or via phone.

  • Add to cart, proceed to checkout, complete all details and place order.

2) Make payment

  • An invoice will be mailed to you with payment instructions and banking details.

3) Kit will be shipped to you.

  • We ship a kit to you within 24-48 hours.

4) Collect your sample

  • Follow the instructions included in your test kit to collect your sample.

5) Request shipping collection

  • When your sample is ready for shipping, simply WhatsApp or email us to book a shipping collection.

6) Personalised Results

  • We release the results to your healthcare provider within 15-18 working days.
  • *Important note: your consultation is NOT included in the test price.


Revealing the Complete Picture

Uncover powerful insights into the root cause of underlying illness with simplified, science-driven testing.

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