About Biometrix Labs

Biometrix Labs is a privately owned company that specialise in the area of functional medicine and well-being laboratory testing.

Biometrix Labs has collaborated with local and international laboratories to offer functional medicine practitioners with the most efficient, effective, and comprehensive range of functional laboratory testing throughout South Africa.

Our range of tests assist general practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths and other complementary healthcare practitioners in identifying  the underlying cause of illness as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease and premature ageing.

Assessments investigate endocrine, gastrointestinal, immunological, metabolic and nutritional balance.

Biometrix Labs are passionate in helping people living better lives. Biometrix Labs are proactively involved in further training and introducing new and advanced functional tests within South Africa, so that practitioners can provide the best consultative process for the treatment of their patients to achieve optimal health results.