ARL HTMA Profile 2 (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)


Essential minerals are required for good health. Because our body cannot synthesize these important minerals, they must be obtained from our diet. The foundation of good health begins at the cellular-level.

A hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a noninvasive medical test that provides comprehensive information about key nutrient mineral levels and ratios, metabolic status, and toxicity. The HTMA lab report can be used to correct the interrelationships of essential minerals, and improve cellular function.

You can improve cellular function with HTMA.

ARL HTMA Profile 2 (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)_Sample


A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will help you to accurately and efficiently address the specific mineral imbalances in your body. Hair testing is an affordable, and non-invasive way to discover your body’s unique biomedical status. A hair tissue mineral analysis will help you to efficiently address the specific mineral imbalances in your body.

“You can trace every illness, disease and symptom back to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling

Benefits Of A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Include:

  1. Accurate: A hair test is reliable and more accurate than a blood test. A hair test shows exactly what has occurred in the body, at a tissue level.
  2. Affordable: Hair testing is affordable.
  3. All Ages: Hair testing can be used on all ages, from infants to adults!
  4. Easy To Do: Non-invasive and requires only a small sample of hair, done conveniently at home.
  5. Graphed Results: HTMA results are printed on an easy-to-read graph.
  6. Comprehensive Analysis: Testing is done by ARL, the premiere hair testing laboratory in the USA. The lab tests 21 elements to provide the most accurate results. The report includes detailed graphed results for 5 toxic metals, 11 nutritional minerals, 5 additional elements, 6 significant mineral ratios.
  7. Detailed Report: The detailed report contains precise information about your mineral balances, heavy metals, disregulated copper, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, adrenal and thyroid function and metabolic trends. Other information is provided that can be inferred from the report by your trained HTMA Practitioner.
  8. Metabolic Type: The metabolic (oxidation) type is provided.
  9. Minerals Status: A printed HTMA graph includes results for all major minerals.

Plus a report summary.

ARL HTMA Profile 2 (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)_Summary

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