NIR-A Near Infrared LED Bulb


5W Bulb with Universal Voltage Suitable for Use in 110V/120V and 220V/240V Electrical Systems Without a Voltage Converter.

Stays Cool to the Touch. Perfect for Travel

Designed for Photobiomodulation; Near Infrared Output; and NIR-A, IR-A, and Red Light Therapy.

Wavelength Output Verified By Independent ISO 17075- Certified Test Laboratory. Zero Flicker Rate Thanks to Flicker-free Power Supply.

Offers Same Irradiance at .33M (0.11 mW/cm2) as the TheraBulb 250W Bulb, But with No Heat.



  • Emits Visible Light 590 nm to 690 nm
  • Emits Near Infrared 770 nm to 855 nm
  • Peak Visible Output at 660 nm
  • Peak NIR Output at 848 nm
  • CE Certified and RoHS Compliant Certified Product – Free of Hazardous and Toxic Materials (Including Mercury, Teflon, and Lead)
  • Fits Standard E26/E27 Sockets
  • Compact Design: 3 Inches High by 2 Inches in Diameter
  • Included: 1x light, 1x plug with wire