RLT-Pro-1000 Red Light Therapy Panel


The RLT Pro 1000 with Pulse technology is the ideal size for home use. You are able to link multiple lights in order to cover a larger skin surface area. The panel comes with brackets for mounting it to a door and a remote to control the light.

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RLT-Pro-1000 can get your skin restored, your immune system enhanced, and improve your mood. How? Simple; boosting the power generator of your cells. And to do that better than any other, RLT-Pro-1000 comes with one of the highest power-led chips available.

It’s 216 LEDs of 5W, made of RLT-Pro-1000, one of its class’s most complete and powerful near-red light devices.

On top of that, the device uses a 30-degree secondary glass lens system that creates uniform, seamless and effective radiation all across the skin. Unlike other brands, it has a low register of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), which eliminates your risks of disturbance and irritating sensations.

Moreover, RLT-Pro-1000 has the latest pulse technology (an industry benchmark). The device uses technological advances to optimize LED treatment and deliver a combination of RED and NIR light onto the skin’s surface that corrects a wider area of damaged skin cells with every pulse.

Who Needs RLT-PRO-1000?

Wound Healing And Insomnia relief.

Desiring to accelerate the healing process and release stress in a no hustle, easy-to-follow in-house therapy.

Chronic Skin and Pain Conditions Patients

Looking to boost their prescribed treatments with a non-invasive stimulating therapy.

Advanced Athletes

Wanting to accelerate muscle recovery, grow muscle mass, and enhance performance.

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